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The interests of Dutch nationals in Iceland are protected by the Honorary Consul, for whom the office is a part-time activity. Most honorary consuls are not Dutch nationals, nor do most of them speak Dutch. They can do less for you than a professional consul at the consulate. For example, an honorary consul may not issue a passport nor, in the Schengen countries, a visa.

The Dutch Consulate in Reykjavík is a representative of the Dutch Government with a certain structure and within the regulations that is set by the Ministry of Foreign affairs, and supervised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Oslo, Norway.

Dutch citizens can not get their passport renewed at the Consulate. Dutch citizens have to apply for a passport either in Holland or at a Dutch Embassy. 
Keep in mind that we only accept cash as payment for, verification of signatures and so forth. We also confirm insurance policies and pensions for the Dutch Sociale Verzekeringsbank 

Citizens in countries that need visa for traveling to the Netherlands, will have to apply for one at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm. 


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